I am an art critic who usually writes about visual contemporary art, and has a special interest in politically engaged art, feminist art and photography. I like telling stories about art that offer clear, fluent and interesting frameworks, so they are accessible to everyone.

Visual images have the possibility of showing something or gaining access to a perspective the spectator was previously unaware of. Art can therefore make us think of different aspects of life, and my writings help viewers on their way to a better understanding of it. On the other hand I think art shouldn’t always be taken too serious. Often a great sense of playfulness and humour can be found in art, and therefore I like to add some wit to my writing.

Art is a subject that I am very dedicated, curious and enthusiastic about. As a writer and webeditor I like working on projects in the same way by doing thorough research, giving my creative input, meeting deadlines and helping young art critics write the best article possible.