Temporary Country Life

For the artist Nicola Godman’s publication Temporary Country Life – a performance  Sietske Roorda wrote the essay ‘Performing Gender as a Cowboy on the Zuidas’. The publication tells the story of Zuidas Cowboy, who spent two weeks at the temporary Zomerpark on the Zuidas in September 2018. Temporary Country Life also includes the diary of Zuidas Cowboy and a text by historian Maarten Zwiers. With image contributions by Jakob Ehrlich and Martin Kofoed Pedersen, photography by María de Brea and design by Bram van den Berg. Also featuring an interview with a real Prairie Woman – Luella Godman.

Temporary Country Life
20 pages (soft cover)
210 x 297 mm
Digital offset
€ 19 incl. tax.
You can order Temporary Country Life by sending an e-mail to hello@nicolagodman.com.

The publication was presented in October 2019 at the queer space Tender Center in Rotterdam. Nicola Godman organised in collaboration with Sietske Roorda the evening Queering the Saloon. Here Sietske Roorda presented the lecture Cross-dressing in the American West; or what we can learn from the likes of Calamity Jane.

In May 2020 Nicola Godman and Sietske Roorda were invited to give a guest lecture by Maarten Zwiers at the course the Rural of the Master American Studies of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Here Sietske Roorda presented the lecture How Native Americans and White People are portrayed in Hollywood movies and independent film.