Nieuwe Vide Radio

Nieuwe Vide Radio is a podcast about art, artists and soup. Nieuwe Vide is an institution that makes exhibitions, but also rents out studios to artists and other small creative organisations in Haarlem. With the podcast Team Nieuwe Vide wants to give our visitors a backstage view of Nieuwe Vide. We have in depth interviews with artists participating in our exhibitions as well as our studiomakers. Sietske Roorda is editor of the podcast and sometimes also does the presentation.

Episode 6 was a supplement to the exhibition ‘No Hope for Sisyphus’ (September until November 2020) in which Sietske Roorda interviews the artists Willem de Haan and Hannes Nienh├╝ser about their work and how the essay of philosopher Albert Camus on the Sisyphus myth is applicable to their art practice.

Episode 7 was a supplement to the exhibition ‘Slappe druiven, scherpe randjes’ (December 2020) by Nieuwe Vide Academy that had to close early due to the lockdown. In this episode Sietske Roorda talks to the young participants (14-19 years old) of the exhibition and their teacher Stefan Kasper. They tell about their artworks in the exhibition and what Nieuwe Vide Academy means to them.